Furry Friends Book Club

The Coos Bay Library invited Furry Friends Therapy Dogs, Inc. to partner with the library in a new project called “Furry Friends Book Club.”  The first session was in September 2014.

Furry Friends members and their dogs come to the library at scheduled times.  Each dog and handler teams up with a young child who would like to read a book to a dog.  The child has twenty minutes to be with the dog.  The handler watches the dog, but does not interfere with the reading.  Library programs like this have been very successful across the country.  The dogs listen and are non-judgmental, giving children better reading skills with the help of a listening furry friend.

Some comments from Furry Friends members who have participated:

“One child showed all the pictures to the dog as she turned the pages.”

“A little girl had chosen her book weeks ahead – it was a story about a therapy dog.”

“Maggie (the dog) never stopped wagging her tail.”