What About Your Dog?

Does your dog enjoy people, get along well with other dogs, and know basic obedience?  Do you enjoy meeting new people?  If so, your dog may be ready to join Furry Friends as a therapy dog.

Each Furry Friend Therapy Dog is a personal pet.  Each dog has passed the Canine Good Citizen Test.  Each dog has passed three evaluation/training visits at local care facilities.  Each dog is gentle and well-mannered.

The people of Furry Friends Therapy Dogs are volunteers who enjoy sharing their special dog with others.  A therapy visit usually consists of two members and their two dogs going to one care facility in Coos County.  Visits last up to one hour.  Resident or patients can pet the dogs and talk to the volunteers.

Our monthly schedules are designed to fit our volunteers’ availability.

To find out more, come to our next monthly meeting which is listed on the HOME page.  To ask a question, go to the CONTACT US page.